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Summer Cooling Dog Mat With Pillow For Dog Cat Breathable Ice Pad Washable Sofa Breathable Print Cooling Pet Dog Bed For Dogs

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Color Blue
Size 40x60cm
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1. Non-slip and no displacement
Waterproof and not afraid of tide
Non-slip waterproof fabric on the back
Not easy to move and not afraid of getting wet
2. Double fill
High elastic PP cotton
Let your pet feel like lying in the clouds
3. "Breathing" Ice Silk Mattress
Cool but not iced, to achieve air circulation inside and outside
Fast cooling and ventilation
4. It is more comfortable to sleep on the pillow
Raised small pillow, high resilience cotton filling
Soft and comfortable, care for your pet's spine

Product Information:

Material: Cloth
Product Category: Ice pad
Specification: 40 * 60 cm, 60 * 80 cm
Applicable:The dog

Style: Blue running duck/yellow happy duck/gray bright cat/sky blue ice bear

Packing list:

Fabric ice pad*1