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New LED Night Light Energy-saving Plug-in Induction Creative Mushroom Light For Home

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Color Aquatic plants
Electrical outlet EU
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1. LED Mushroom Night Light Brightness: The mushroom night light is soft and warm, not too bright nor too dim, and gives you a comfortable feeling. This lamp is more suitable for little kids' rooms.
2. Automatic Switch: Built-in sensitive light sensor, become more convenient. The nightlight turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn automatically. Extremely low power consumption (Lighting 12 hours a day, only takes 1kWh a year) . The smart sensor gives you a better life.
3. Color Changing: 7 color changes automatically when lights are on (only one bulb changes color)
4. Easy Apply: Cute and Flexible -- the whole light is smaller than a palm, and the wire of mushrooms and leaves can be bent to the location you like. Preparing for anywhere you need soft light at night, such as baby's rooms, nursery, kids room, hallway, bedroom, bathroom nightlight, kitchen, living room, corridor, decoration light, stairway, entryway, etc.

Product Information:

Product name: Colorful mushroom night lamp
Product attributes: Light control series
Light color: colorful gradient
Product size: Water plant 135*45MM lotus leaf 120*45MM
Input voltage : 110-220V
Product power: 0.5W
Light source: LED
Product pin: Us standard

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Plastic night light*1