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Amplifier Signal Booster Antenna Adapter

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Model D 1
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1. This amplifier can make your TV antenna get more channels, improve the clarity of the frequency, expand the receiving range.
2. The number of channels you can receive is determined by what's being broadcast in your area.
3. Channel reception is dependent upon distance from broadcast towers, terrain, surroundings, and weather.
4. Check out what channels are available in your area first and how many you are able to receive.
5. If your TV picture is not crystal clear, or you cannot receive the weak signals from far away towers, use this amplifier to boost the weakened signals.

Item No. : Lamp amplifier
Frequency range: DVB (MHz)
Output impedance: 75 (Ω)
Standing wave ratio ≤ 1.5 (dB)
Working voltage: 3-5 (V)

Package Content :

1PC x TV Antenna Amplifier