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Handmade Bible Verses Jar 67 Color-coded Bible Verse Jar Crafts About Emotions And Feelings Display A GodlyGift Of Christ

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Color Glass Jar
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1. Divine Wisdom: Elevate your spiritual journey with our Bible verses in a jar. The coded scripture jar provides a new perspective on God's Word, helping you to connect with him more profoundly. Experience a faith boost like never before.
2. Inspiring Daily Reminders: Discover daily inspiration with our Handmade Bible Verses in a Jar. The verses are cut individually and arranged in a pattern, letting you pick 1 each day. Share the love and gift it to a friend who needs God's uplifting words.
3. Emotional Support: This jar contains 67 color-coded Bible verses about emotions and feelings, such as sadness, anger, happiness, gratitude, loneliness, and discomfort. Each color represents a different emotion, so you can easily find the verse that suits your mood and uplifts your spirit.
4. Enjoy daily spiritual nourishment: Absorb daily spiritual wisdom with our Bible Verses in a Jar. Its compact 16 oz size makes it easy to carry and read wherever you travel. Plus, the label provides clear usage instructions for quick reference.
5. Inspiring Gift: Bring joy and comfort to your loved ones with this perfect gift of bible verses in a jar. Specially designed for those dealing with mental health disorders, it contains 365 inspirational quotes from the bible. Whether it's for their birthday, Christmas, New Year, Christening, or as a get-well-soon present, your gesture of support will make a lasting impact.
Looking for a unique way to talk to God? Try our Bible Verses Jar - 67 color-coded verses about emotions and feelings, placed in a beautiful pattern in the jar. Easy to carry and perfect for those dealing with mental health disorders. Let these verses comfort and inspire you wherever you go.

Product Information:
Color: glass jar, plastic tank
Material: Glass
Applicable holidays: Christmas, Halloween, Easter
Product size: 12 × 7.5cm

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